Special Thanks to Lenard Hovde, Lindarae Hovde, and Linda Kelso for their time and effort in creating this church history publication. Click on the picture below to view the table of contents, individual chapters, and appendices.




history book

Cover Page Drawing - LuAnn Jones

Foreword - By Pastor John Leffler

Chapter I - 1853-1900

Chapter II - 1900-1919

Chapter III - 1919-1932

Chapter IV - 1933-1959

Chapter V - 1959-1979

Chapter VI - 1979-2000

Chapter VII - 2000-Present

Chapter VIII - 150th Anniversary

Chapter IX - Photo Gallery

Appendix A - Contributors to CRCC History

Appendix B - Osgood Diary

Appendix C - Our Church Today

Appendix D - Our "Timothys"

Appendix E - People in Service

Appendix F - Bible Rock Camp & CWSB

Appendix G - Newspaper & Letter Archives

Appendix H - Bruce Caldwell

Appendix I - Ted Goodwin

Appendix J - Bessie Moon

Appendix K- Missions History

Appendix L - Closing Comments

bessie moon